Backup and Disaster Recovery with Datahouse

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Our Backup and Recovery solutions use Asigra’s next generation backup software. This solution was built for hybrid/cloud-computing environment and is designed to offer backup efficiencies that do not exist with other backup solutions. This architecture allows the solution to capture less, ingest less, and store less, which reduces the amount of data that must be managed.

Why Agentless Backup Solutions Require Less Management

Our solution is agentless, drastically reducing the amount of resources required to manage your backup requirements completely. We do not require agents to be installed on each machine you want to protect; instead it reaches out over the network to back up operating systems, file systems, applications and data, using an industry standard programming interface.

Agentless vs Agent Solution Backup Solutions

Backup and recovery software typically requires agents to be installed on host servers. Even in a modest-sized environment, agent management can get extremely complex and is further complicated by the growing number of software packages that also require agents running on the same host servers, also known as “agent pollution.” Agents pose a major security risk because they require an open port on the firewall.

Security Advantage with Datahouse

Our Backup and Recovery solution is the most secure agentless data protection platform in the industry.

The Encryption Advantage:

  • Asigra encrypts the data in-flight and at-rest from cradle to grave
  • FIPS 140-2 certified - an independent third-party certification
  • From handheld devices like tablets and smart phones to remote laptops or remote office or branch sites to central data repositories within the data center
  • Key escrow management
  • Password rotation support
  • Data destroyed with certificate of destruction

Customers can choose from encryption strengths that range from triple DES 56-bit with an 8-character key, to AES 256-bit with a 32-character key. The software maintains backward compatibility of its software so users can still access and retrieve data encrypted with DES 56-bit encryption years ago.

Asigra Solution Efficiency

The Asigra solution is designed to alleviate the challenges of backing up and recovering your data while offering unprecedented efficiencies to the data being captured, ingested, stored and transmitted over the network using the following methods:

  • De-duplication techniques
  • Backup and transmission of only new/changed data (incremental forever)
  • Advanced Compression techniques

Bandwidth Optimization with Datahouse Backup and Recovery

One of the biggest challenges with protecting remote sites is managing WAN bandwidth costs. Optimizing the amount of bandwidth being consumed in the data center mitigates steep fluctuations, which lowers the operational costs associated with bandwidth for service providers.

The combination of deduplication of data, continuous deltas and compression changes the economics of protecting data in service providers' favor. Asigra can reduce the amount of WAN bandwidth utilized, minimize operational costs and reduce the amount of storage capacity required to deliver the service. This combination is not a one-time cost savings, but an ongoing requirement in ensuring the economic viability of the service.

Autonomic Healing with Cloud Backup

Autonomic healing is an automated process that scans the entire storage in the background to ensure data integrity. Since the data in the cloud is encrypted, the “Autonomic Healing“ process checks links between the data blocks and compares digital signatures between different components for inconsistencies. When corrupted data is uncovered, it is marked as corrupted and a notification is sent to the client software to resend the portion of that data that was marked corrupted. This feature ensures that the data is always recoverable in case of a disaster.

Local Backup Storage

Asigra backup storage gives clients three options of backing up storage. You can store some or all backup data locally, store locally as well as offsite or just offsite. Since data stored locally can be backed up and restored at LAN speeds, Local-Only Backup gives organizations an added, low cost tier of recovery.

  • Low-cost agentless is an alternative to incumbent tape-based solutions.
  • A Local-Only Backup Set backs up data to the DS-Client LAN without sending any data to the DS-System at the remote site. This feature helps reduce WAN bandwidth costs.
  • Each generation backed up for a Local-Only Backup Set is independently restorable and does not depend on other generations of the same file.
  • The data resides compressed locally on customer premises allowing data backups and recoveries at LAN speeds.
  • Local-Only Backup Sets can be easily migrated to offsite backup sets.
  • Local-Only Backup helps further align the value of data with the cost of protecting it.

Backup Life Management

We recognize multiple tiers of backup of active data. Operationally, critical data requires more frequent backups on higher performance devices. Less critical backups are relegated to less expensive, lower performance devices. Older versions of backup files are moved to slower devices to save costs.

Compliance with Asigra Backup Cloud

Asigra’s Backup Solution will help your business with a variety of compliance issues:

  • Disk-based, automated solution runs quietly in the background with no manual intervention. Tape backups require manual intervention and thus are not compliant with regulations like Sarbanes Oxley, HIPPA and Gram-Leach-Bliley and others. Contact us for the full list of compliance requirements.
  • All backup data is aggregated, allowing for immediate recovery. Traditional backup solutions are not centralized and lead to difficulties in obtaining and providing records to auditors in a timely manner.
  • Backup data is automatically & securely transferred offsite using FIPS 140-2 certified encryption technology via private or public cloud. Traditional backup architecture requires additional 3rd party products or manual involvement when transferring data offsite on disk or tape and is thus not secure or reliable.

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