Healthcare Solutions

As a healthcare organization, you are confronted with staggering volumes of sensitive data. Whether it’s written, oral or electronic information, your electronic records and patients’ privacy must be protected. Datahouse Cloud Backup knows how important it is to protect the privacy and security of health information. Our online backup and recovery solutions use HIPAA-compliant encryption so that your data is storedat two separate data centers. This ensures that your health information is stored safely, securely and in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

FIPS 140-2 Certification

Is Your Data Protection Software FIPS 140-2 protected? At Datahouse Cloud Backup, our solution is the only hybrid cloud backup software that has been awarded this certificate from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. We encrypt the data at ingest. So it is protected in flight, at rest, and until death.We will also produce a certificate of destruction.

Without the FIPS 140-2 certification, it is unwise for a healthcare institution to invest in solutions that move ePHI across networks for backup and recovery, disaster recovery or data archiving.

HITECH Act Compliancy

The HITECH Act passed in 2009 demands a comprehensive plan for audit and data privacy. Non-compliance results in considerable fines and penalties – up to $50,000 per individual. HITECH mandates that in the event that a data breach has occurred(exposing over 500 patient records), local media must be notified and company’s name be published. Further, data breaches in this category must be posted to the Health and Human Services web site.

Eliminate the risks of a data breach. Avoid possible fines, negative publicity, and potential damage to your reputation. Datahouse Cloud Backup recovery system for healthcare organization is designed with the approved encryption processes to claim safe harbor and comply with the requirements of the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2. This cryptographic standard ensures that federal guidelines for the effectiveness of encryption, strength of the algorithm, and security of the decryption key.

As the volume of data continues to grow and compliance regulations for the healthcareindustry become more stringent,your business needs a data security partner who is familiar with the changing regulations.

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Guidance on How to Comply with the Security Rule: NIST Special Publication 800-111: Guide to Storage Encryption Technologies for End User Devices